Gaining Clarity: Misconceptions About Climate Change

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One of the most alarming pieces of speculative information concerning climate change is that the process has slowed down over the last decade. While some believe that the planet has actually cooled down during this period, scientific evidence suggests the opposite.

Climate readings are determined temporally, meaning that the entire planet is having its temperature taken over 30 year periods”and hence, an average reading is determined. Since the 1920s, these incremental measurements have shown that the average temps have Read more…

Choose Green Energy for Your Home or Business

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Americans take it for granted that when then flip a switch or push a button and electricity will be available to help them accomplish the task that they wish to accomplish. Yet, most Americans have no idea how their electric power is made. It’s easy to find out which power companies, like Ambit Energy, support green energy. It only makes sense to choose green energy for your home or business.
Oil, natural gas, and coal are used to generate electricity. These are fossil fuels. They were formed millions of years past. Like fossils, geological process acted on dean plants and animals to form the fuels. When the sources of fossil fuels are depleted, they cannot be replaced.
No one really knows how long we will be able to depend on fossil fuels because all of the deposits have yet to be discovered. It is also unknown how much the demand for electricity will grow. Although most of the fuels are easy to get and the cost of using them is relatively cheap, using these types of fuels to produce energy has serious drawbacks.
Gas carbon dioxide is formed when natural gas and crude oil are burned. This greenhouse gas contributes to global warming. Oil slicks that are formed when the fuels are transported can harm wildlife, pollute beaches, and produce oil slicks.
Large deposits of coal can be accessed to produce energy, but if it is not purified before it is burned, it also contributes to global warming. Eventually the resource will run out, and in the meantime, its use produces fog and smoke. This smog can be harmful to health.
Clean, renewable energy uses wind, water and the sun to produce power. The economic and environmental benefits are many. Because these natural resources will never run out, the demand for technologies that take advantage of renewable energy sources will continue to grow. Domestic sources of energy by harnessing the sun, wind and water for power creates jobs and can bring development to the rural areas where the facilities are often built.

Are World Leaders Taking Climate Change Seriously?

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These days, a lot of world news revolves around the increasing problem of climate change. While many world leaders have spoken out boldly in support of controlling climate change, it would seem that not much material action has been taken. Major international players like China and India have pledged to reduce carbon emissions within just a few years. While the rhetoric has been nonstop, very little action seems to have been taken. Pollution in Beijing is so bad that sometimes the skyline is completely obscured in a dirty haze. Many of India’s most Read more…

Climate Change Problems and Possible Solutions

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Climate change and global warming are issues that should be taken very seriously as they have the potential to create far-reaching complications and problems that have the potential to effect our civilization. Addressing this matter by employing a conservation approach alone may prove to be far from effective, meaning that any attempt to arrest the process will need to employ next-generation technologies and solutions if it is to be effective. Greener energy sources and more sustainable industrial process may be the most effective tools we have at the moment, but macro-engineering efforts may Read more…

Global Warming and Climate Change: What You Can Do

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In the fight against global warming and climate change, there are a number of things you can do to make a difference. Because conserving energy is the most important issue, you should try to buy produce that has been grown locally. Many towns and cities have farmers’ markets on certain days of the week. When you buy locally, you will be avoiding buying produce that has been shipped from the far reaches of the world.

You might also want to try to eat more meatless products. Read more…

Five Reasons Why Natural Resource Conversation Is Important

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Attempting to find a sustainable balance between industry and the natural world has proven to be a considerable challenge for many generations and cultures. The importance of conserving natural resources in such a way as to ensure they will not be completely depleted, squandered of used unwisely should not be underestimated. With new and developing technologies, as well as a more expansive understanding of the world around us, new opportunities to practice conservation and promote more sustainable methods of living and industrial progression have become available. Learning more about them is Read more…

Climate Change: What Steps Are World Leaders Taking?

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With record greenhouse gas emissions in recent years, global leaders have begun to take serious action to address the issue of climate change. Recently in the headlines was China, one of the worst offenders in contributing to global warming and climate change. While the traditional stance of Chinese leaders is to be very tight lipped about global warming, the Vice President of China has made some surprising statements recently. His statements advocated a change in the country’ Read more…